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This page contains a selection of my work over the past ten years, mostly in service of my employers at Lapstone & Hammer and City Blue. These pieces were chosen to highlight my versatility and mastery over several different forms, including blog posts, product descriptions, social media captions, various marketing materials and more.



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Omni-channel campaigns are a commonly employed strategy when we have a big product release or initiative with a brand partner, or a special in-house project like our Artist Series collaboration with artist Keith Warren Greiman that is featured above. In this case we promoted a consistent message + imaging across all our social accounts as well as pushed a press release & photo collection to all relevant industry media outlets. Everything linked back to the blog pre-release (using same images and story) and directly to the product collection upon release. This campaign effectively reached all of our target demos with a unified promotional message that resulted in a same-day sellout.


The core of Lapstone & Hammer's marketing approach is storytelling, it's how we get the customer to care about our products. That makes the blog an essential piece in our sales strategy. This is where I connect with the customer, reflecting their wants and needs while projecting the intentions of the brand/product/project

/cause we are promoting. Click below to browse through my work on the Lapstone blog.

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The Lapstone & Hammer social media channels, along with our email list, are our primary means of promotion. Consistent posting and interaction with our followers has been key in building the brand and establishing its voice.


Click below to follow Lapstone on Twitter and IG, or just check out our accounts.

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Over the past two years I have been working with Restorative Harmony Acupuncture + Holistic Fertility Coaching on a freelance basis. In addition to leading an in-progress rebrand and update of their website, I've also provided copy editing and consultation for their coaching course, The Fertility Formula, including lead magnet, sales funnel, and content for the private Facebook group.


Below you will find a few pieces I wanted to highlight that show the depth and breadth of my writing and content management skills. Ranging from a 2500 word essay to a simple email ad, each selection displays a different aspect of my style.

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Interlaced Magazine is a quarterly print publication focused on art, streetwear and BMX/Skate culture in Philadelphia. I wrote a piece about Lapstone's place in the city and the scene featured in the mag.

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I wrote a longform piece a few years ago diving into the history of the Puma Suede to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the model's debut. Getting 2500 words to really dig into a subject was a real treat for me to showcase my narrative writing. Plus the brand loved being the subject of such an immersive article.

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"New Arrivals" emails go out on Fridays and detail recently released items, and "Upcoming Releases" go out on Mondays to preview whats on tap for the week. We'll also typically have a midweek email featuring a single product. These weekly emails combined with our series of funnels have generated nearly 20% of our online sales.

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Lapstone & Hammer partnered with the Philadelphia 76ers to curate a premium sportswear/streetwear apparel capsule that was available exclusively on our online store. This blog was the pre-release anchor for a large omni-channel campaign executed by both Lapstone and the 76ers. 

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Voices of the Unheard was a blog series that Lapstone hosted leading up to the 2020 election featuring guest posts from a diverse collection of black educators, scholars and artists covering topics that they believe need attention, understanding and action. I wrote the intro post and edited the series.

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This is the full blog post for the Lapstone Artist Series Vol. 1: Keith Warren Greiman project that was featured above as my example for our omni-channel campaigns. I worked from an interview I conducted with Keith to provide context to the project for our customers who may not be familiar with his work.

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